Abundance Magic Book and Oracle Card Pack

Abundance Magic

With the Abundance Magic pack you will learn how to:

  • Release your Money Blocks
  • Reprogramme your ‘Money Mindset’
  • Energise your goals and your business
  • Create sustainable abundance
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abundance magic pack
The complete pack, book, cards and card stand in the mailing box.

Why I wrote this book

I wish someone had handed me a copy of this book and these cards and money making system when I was in my early 20’s. My life would have been very different and I could have spent time doing things I love and getting paid to do so too!
I would have been able to do away with all the doubt and worry and uncertainty around making money, I would have worked through my money blocks, embraced good money habits removed my own poverty cycle and and then moved straight into living my most abundant wonderful version of life possible.

Release your money blocks

Have you ever wondered why your goals don’t materialise?

Reprogramme your money mindset

This book and card system could give you valuable ‘insights’ intowhy you may be blocking your own earning abilities.

Create sustainable abundance

Embrace good money habits remove your poverty cycle and live your most abundant life possible.

Guided meditations available end of September 2019

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Order the pack and take your first step toward sustainable abundance today!

Abundance Magic Pack


Abundance Magic Full Pack

  • Abundance Magic book 338 pages.
  • Full set of 36 Oracle cards.
  • Card stand.
  • Bookmark

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Abundance Magic – Book


LEARN HOW TO • Break poverty cycles • Release your money blocks • Reprogram your money mindset • Revolutionise your income streams • Energise your goals and your business • Create sustainable abundance and growth.

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Katherine Tack


Artist. Author.

Katherine Tack can usually be found painting. Most probably a portrait of an animal and most probably abstract in nature. Writing a book was always on her bucket list, and eventually, ‘Abundance Magic’, became a reality. When not completely covered in paint and totally absorbed in the throws of a creative outlet, Katherine loves cooking, bakes very badly, enjoys rambling around the English countryside, and otherwise spends far too much time at the computer. She lives in England, with her husband and family.

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Read the first 11 chapters of Abundance Magic

The first 11 Chapters will give you an insight into what your possible blocks around money are and how to clear them.

Abundance Magic Card holder

We have included a stand holder with the cards. You can keep the stand in a prominant place in your home or office.

Choose 3 new Abundance Magic cards every week

The cards will give you insights into what to do this week to improve your abundance. Start your journey to your magical, abundant life.


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