What is an Akashic Records Reading?

The Akashic Records is a living field of energy that contains all the information about a person, past, present and possible futures. This is not for a psychic reading but for information to assist human growth and development on a soul level. Accessing the records is one of the great cosmic dispensations of our age, and was granted in order to promote soul evolution, the information that comes in is very powerful, and needs to be handled with care.

What type of questions should you ask?

  • What is my life purpose?
  • Why am I struggling with this difficult problem, health issue, or money block?
  • If I make this major change in my life, will it be the right choice?
  • Should I move home?
  • How can I attract better circumstances and outcomes into my life?
  • In what way are my past lives affecting my current life?
  • Do I have the right people in place for my business?
  • Who are my Spirit Guides?

An Akashic Records reading can provide you with deep answers to your biggest questions!

What people are saying about an Akashic Record Reading with Katherine!

“Thank you for an amazing reading. Over the last few weeks, as things have transpired I can say that you were SPOT ON with the reference to our property and how to dissolve the red tape.
I will be in touch in a month or two for a follow up reading.”

Linda J.

“I was so moved to discover I’m an earth mother. I had never thought about what my soul might ‘look like’ and of course this makes perfect sense.
It was wonderful to receive guidance on how to deal with a tricky family situation in the present and am so thrilled with the guided meditation to release the family contracts.”

Kathy S.

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About Katherine Tack

Katherine has over 10 years of experience in the area of mystical and sacred traditions.

Known as the Abundance Mystic, Katherine is a prolific teacher and facilitator of spiritual knowledge for contemporary life.

A star child with connections to the Paleidian star system, Sirius, Arcturus and a past life as an Atlantian, make Katherine a natural Akashic Records reader and resulted in her being granted access to this dimension that has been off-limits to most of humanity for millions of years.

Katherine is an extremely intuitive Akashic Records Reader. Her visions of her spiritual client’s soul vision astound her spiritual clients time after time.

Non-spiritual humans do not always get the reading they are looking for. If a person is too grounded in reality they may not be open to the readings and messages that come so lovingly from the Akashic Records. We offer a full refund, cheerfully returned to you if you are not satisfied with your reading.

An Akashic Records reading can provide you with deep answers to your biggest questions and help you move forward on your specific soul journey!
An Akashic record reading is not a psychic reading, often confused with psychic readings which are more concerned with the here and now. Akashic records readings are more concerned with the bigger picture, …where has your soul come from ….and where is it going to… what 3D experiences will help you to achieve your soul’s mission or purpose.

What is it like to experience an Akashic records reading?

  • When you wish to access your records you usually have a question or questions on your mind. This serves to magnetize you to the information.
  • Like a modern-day reference library, information is cross-indexed in many ways. Unlike a library, the Akashic Records are alive. Moreover, the beings called Record Keepers ensoul both the record and the holder of the record. This is why you will feel such a loving support in a session.
  • The Record Keepers are beings that reside in a non-duality mode where their joy, humour, intelligence and unconditional love permeate their communications. Their intelligence shows up through the insight in your Guide.
  • Our guides hear specific words that are often provided literally as dictation.
  • One of the primary differences of this tradition is that Akashic Records Guides are NOT consultants! We are guides, and scribes.
  • We carry the wisdom and information of the Guides without bias or opinion.
  • AR Guides always begin with opening remarks. This sets the tone for your remaining session.
  • Opening Remarks are a download directly from the Guides who are responding to your thoughts or questions you have when you decide to have a session.
  • Opening Remarks often validate the authenticity of your reading in the moment.

Akashic Records code of ethics



An Akashic records reading/course with Katherine Tack, is NOT a replacement for or substitute to face-to-face, in person, qualified medical, psychological, psychiatric or legal advice, diagnosis or treatment. Katherine is not a medical doctor nor a licensed psychotherapist. Katherine does not diagnose, cure, heal, or treat disease or psychological conditions or otherwise prescribe any kind of medication whatsoever. If you think you are suffering from a medical or psychological disorder or condition, please consult your doctor or other appropriately qualified professional person or service immediately. You are invited to consult your doctor and/or therapist about Akashic records readings with Katherine in order to make an educated and informed decision as to whether or not they are right for you.



Never, ever disregard professional advice or delay seeking professional advice as a result of something you have read on this website or from anything that Katherine says or writes to you. Katherine shall not be liable for claims or damages, and expressly disclaims any and all liability of any nature, for any action, or non-action, taken as a result of her Akashic records readings and courses. The words “consultations” or “guidance” here are not used as a medical term, but simply describe an in-depth, honest, exploratory, private and confidential conversation. Akashic records readings and courses with Katherine may be considered “spiritual” in nature rather than therapeutic or prescriptive. An Akashic records reading or course is intended and designed to be informational and educational for you, and provide information, support and encouragement based on information that you choose to share with Katherine. You are fully and solely responsible for all information that you provide to Katherine, for your interpretation of Katherine’s words and actions, and for all actions resulting from or relating to your encounter with Katherine.

Katherine does not guarantee or warrant any particular outcome or result from your Akashic records reading and course or any other kind of encounter with her, and makes no claims as to their effectiveness. Using Katherine’s services is entirely at your own risk without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty for information given, advice, or opinion. The services are requested by your own choice and with your inherent singular responsibility. Regarding Akashic records readings done as a call, please note you are paying for the actual reading and not for the recording of the call. So, if technical problems occur and the reading can’t be recorded, the price of the reading stays the same. Furthermore, after the voice recording of the Akashic records reading has been sent to you, the voice recording is being deleted from any of Katherine’s devices.

Thank you for your understanding in these matters.