The ‘Axis Practice’ should be initiated before you do any spiritual work. You should also use it to start each new day. 

This is a sure way to ensure your energy is high vibrational throughout the day.

Start in a seated position.

Feel the earth at your feet and the chair at your back.

We start now, by connecting to the hi-vibrational energy that resides in the crystals at the centre of mother earth …and as you breathe deeply and count to 10, imagine that the energy travels up through each of our chakras lighting each one up as they go. Encourage the energy to move through your soul star chakra and then up into 11, 12 13th dimension and beyond…

Count to 10 three times, each time, feel the connection getting stronger.

And now you are going to invite 100% God-like energy to join us from the sun behind the sun and flow through each of our Chakras starting from 13th dimension and working backwards through our the soul star Chakra and down into each subsequent chakra, leaving us at our earth star chakra to join the energy of the crystals at the centre of the earth.

As the two energies meet, they meld together, combining into exquisite high vibrational energy or prana that courses up and down your earthly body… to the point when you find yourself both grounded and activated at the same time.

This is a great exercise to repeat any time you feel any negative emotions, during a low mood, or even if you feel nervous, for example, before an interview or meeting with a client.

The Axis Practice is the first step on your journey to the 5th-dimensional and high vibrational life you know intrinsically that you deserve.