Why chose to have one to one session?

If you have been working on your abundance goals for a while and just don’t seem to be getting anywhere, then it might be time to explore a one to one consultancy with an experienced abundance coach. Katherine Tack has worked with many people to uncover their blocks and discover why the abundance wealth hasn’t arrived directly into their bank account.

Some context:

1) Benefits.

One on ones are a space for the growth of each client with an abundance consultant who is personally invested in them.
That means that you must meet whether things are good or bad. When things are going poorly, it’s time for a difficult conversation to work out where the problems lie. There is no judgement on the part of the consultant. In fact we are delighted when a client reaches out to find out what they can do to improve their situation.
When things are going well, we will take time to appreciate the client’s accomplishments and help guide them to their next victory.

2) We will help you paint a picture of what excellence looks like.
What would excellence look like for the client? What work would equate to success?

3) Set an agenda. We prefer to set an agenda for each meeting in order to streamline the conversations and ensure a WIN WIN result from the meeting. Time is precious for everyone and we believe in maximising our strengths to your benefit in a structured and timely manner. One to ones are about effectiveness. They are a collaborative effort and agenda items will be based on concerns from you and inspiration from your consultant.

Ask one of these questions at least a day before the meeting:

• “What do you want to discuss in our next one on one meeting?”
• “What challenges are you facing?”

4) Creating a plan.
Creating a plan to bridge the gap between where you are ane where you want to be.
Think about your current behaviours and what could be standing in your way of success.
An Akashic records reading may be introduced at any time during the meeting or specifically during the planning process to fine tune exact steps that need to be taken to move forward.

An Akashic records reading may also help with honouring the clients true nature.

The heart of the meeting

5) Begin with a check-in. How are you feeling? This can be one word or a phrase or a conversation. If you don’t feel safe, you may want to say what you think the consultant wants to hear. However, the consultant is here to help and may share their thoughts or feelings first if you prefer. The consultant will share how vulnerable they feel or share an honest account of how they are feeling to build raport. Its important to share truthful feelings and thoughts around abundance issues in order to get to the heart of the problem.

6) Accountability and objectives.
These are action items that were at the end of each one to one. They normally include tasks that support the client’s monthly and quarterly objectives.
Setting clear expectations of what excellence looks like, and knowing that they will be continuously followed up, helps our clients to mover forward in a focused and determined way.

7) Getting personal (sort of).
Our consultants will always be professional, and will never intrude if you put up specific boundaries. However, in order to get to the heart of any matter, it often starts with going outside of work… investigating what could be going on in the rest of your life that could be affecting their work. Everything is connected!

8) Discuss challenges.
We will address client’s concerns by asking them where they feel stuck.
Listening to their answers and helping them turn it into an opportunity. Telling clients what to do won’t help them to grow or develop, so instead, we commit to solving the problem together.

9) Morale.
A “performance over everything” mentality is disastrous for any person, we encourage clients to look at their entire life. If everything is connected then positivity can be connected to the whole of the person’s life. Clients may have ‘well meaning’ friends or relatives that are actually blocking their progress.

10) Recognise wins.
High performing organisations are far more supportive and complementary than low performing organisations. During our one to one, we will take time to acknowledge successes and wins we will acknowledge any growth areas, and strengths.

11) Consultant’s notes.
Providing consultants notes for clients to look back on will come in handy when a client faces a familiar challenge that we’ve helped them through before, and when it’s time to reflect on past conversations.


One on ones are more than just meetings, they’re one of your most important productivity tools. Use these meetings to help yourself grow, learn how to use your strengths, and live a more fulfilled life at work and beyond.


Katherine Tack is an abundance coach, author and serial entrepreneur who believes that when leaders institute cultural practices that support each person in being and becoming their best self, high performance and uncommon loyalty naturally result. As founder and CEO of Brand Magic and Abundance Magic, Katherine created the abundance magic cards and book that helps leaders and managers address the hidden factors that stimulate sustainable growth and wealth development – things like money mindset, self sabotage, higher self, and trusting your instincts. Katherine is a certified Akashic Records reader a powerful tool to unlock reasons why you may have money blocks in the first place.  Katherine has one awards for speaking.