Bilocation Workshop 04-12


Starting Saturday 4th December 1 pm – 2:30 pm UK Time

This is a 3-week course designed to help spiritual people advance to the next level of expansion.
Imagine being able to fully utilise your unique gifts and talents and be abundantly rewarded?

This program has been developed to follow on from level 2 Merkaba activation.

  • Experience the euphoria of Bilocation in the 3rd dimension.
  • Help to decide what you will use your Bilocation skills to achieve.
  • Surrendering to Arch Angels so that they can work with us to help humankind and mother earth.
  • Start or further your ascension process
  • Send your etheric body rather than your physical body to different places on the earth plane.
  • Work with light emissaries to achieve a higher light quotient in your four lower bodies.



Level one and two Merkaba activation must have been completed. MERKABA WORKSHOPS




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