Merkaba Activation Workshop (Level 2)


Your Merkabah is connected to your ‘perfected self’
your ‘perfect self’ is ‘you’ at the higher self-level
it’s also ‘you’ as the ‘ascended master you’
The Merkaba is a vehicle that connects us in the physical world to the Divine, the Source energy.

A properly functioning Merkaba field harmonizes our Body and Spirit with the Light.

It removes lower vibrational energy from our four lower bodies and turns on our DNA to reach its full potential, allowing you to heal our physical body. Your Merkaba will integrate the feminine and masculine aspects of our mind, body, and spirit. It will also enable you to experience expanded awareness and connects you with a higher consciousness. It restores our access and memory of the infinite possibilities as spiritual being. It is also an amazing vehicle too fast track your ascension process.

2-hour workshop.

2-hour workshop.



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