Dissolve your Anger & Rage Contract



A Guided Meditation


Soul Contracts can be an agreement between two souls. However, normally these are agreements that we make with ourselves to avoid experiencing our own negative beliefs about ourselves

You may have a Soul Contract that blocks you from finding love, making money, feeling good about yourself, making friends or any number of other things. There is normally an underlying negative belief that caused you to create the Soul Contract.


This Anger contract doesn’t mean that you are an angry person, instead, it shows up as an indication that you have a thread of anger or rage running through you. Sometimes it comes up as outrage at being treated a specific way or witnessing how others are being treated or persecuted for their sex, race, age or religion.

Clearing your anger contract can assist you to live a much more balanced and happy life. By releasing your contract you are making peace with yourself and the world and the entire universe. This will raise your vibration and assist you to become more 5th dimensional.


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