Now I understand why I couldn’t move forward in my life and business before. I wasted years trying to do things on my own and just couldn’t quite get there. I realise now I was holding onto so much baggage, past life karma and ancestral blocks that held me back. Once Katherine walked me through the process and I completed my homework for each section, I was able to feel the shift in myself and then add these to my business. Everything is different now. I’ve learned so much, I felt like a sponge soaking up every word of each of the 10 lessons. I’m so much more confident, much more focused and much much more successful in all areas of my life. I can see things clearly now, I’ve added the Akashic record guide to my toolbox of holistic treatments and my clients are receiving the benefit. Thank you Katherine for the magical journey… greatly appreciated 🙂

Sandra A.

I’m beyond excited. The connection I have with the guides is incredible. I have set up my own business to channel the guides and have a wonderful stream of new clients each week. The course I did with Katherine was life-changing. She has a very gentle but firm approach to teaching and coaching us through the process. Katherine is very open, intuitive and a very thoughtful and helpful guide for this work. I have made great friends along the way and really enjoy the What’s App groups and the Facebook Groups where we can share our experiences and work through any issues that arise. Thank you, Katherine.

Moira S.

I had brought a few copies of books on how to access the Akashic Records, but for some reason couldn’t get a clear connection.
Now I know why. By following Katherine’s 10-week success program, I can now Access the records easily. I am also so much better as a person, stronger, more resilient. My relationships with all of my family have improved too. Result!

Amanda W