Merkaba Activation Workshop.

A gift from the future to help you with your ascension
and to help you
become more 5th Dimensional.

Your Merkaba is a living light intelligence, a geometric, crystalline
Light-Energy field that extends about 17 meters around your body.

Your Merkabah is connected to your ‘perfected self’ your ‘perfect self’ is ‘you’ at the higher self-level it’s also ‘you’ as the ‘ascended master you’

The basic MerKaba

Based on Sacred Geometry

You can program your Merkaba to help you with every area of your life. 

Helping you live in 5th Dimension

Whilst your physical body still exists in 3rd Dimension

Programme your Merkaba to help you

You will be able to achieve things you couldnt previously achieve

Tune into your own personal higher guidance

Giving you the ability to know exactly what step to take next

Gain greater understanding of your journey

Your journey at a soul level

Get answers to deep questions

Know intuitively before you need to know

Be more aligned with source

Automatically make 'God choices'

Merkaba Activation Workshop (L1)

Merkaba Activation Workshop (L2)

Workshop Dates

Level 1

June 10th
July 10th
September 10th
October 19th


January 10th
February 10th

Level 2

April 28th
June 28th
July 28th
September 28th
October 28th


January 10th
February 10th

Book your place 28th April 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm GMT (Level 2)