Merkaba Activation Workshop.

A gift from the future to help you with your ascension
and to help you
become more 5th Dimensional.

Are ready to activate the dormant portions of your DNA, open your third eye, and remind yourself of your mission and true soul essence?

Your Merkaba is a living light intelligence, a geometric, crystalline
Light-Energy field that extends about 17 meters around your body.

The sacred geometry in our energy field is referred to as Merkaba.
“Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body. 

Activate the wisdom of your soul and it’s desire for it’s greatest expression and expansion

You can program your Merkaba to help you with every area of your life. 

Helping you live in 5th Dimension

Whilst your physical body still exists in 3rd Dimension

Programme your Merkaba (a vehicle) to assist you

You will be able to achieve things you couldnt previously achieve

Take inspired action toward your highest good

Giving you the ability to know exactly what step to take next

Understand your soul's mission and purpose

Access the wisdom of your soul

Get answers to deep questions

Know intuitively before you need to know

Positively align with the universe and source

Tap into your innate gifts, skills and abilities.

Merkaba Activation Workshop (L1)

Merkaba Activation Workshop (L2)

Your Merkabah is connected to your ‘perfected self’
your ‘perfect self’ is ‘you’ at the higher self-level
it’s also ‘you’ as the ‘ascended master you’

The Merkaba is a vehicle that connects us in the physical world to the Divine, the Source energy.

A properly functioning Merkaba field harmonizes our Body and Spirit with the Light.

It removes lower vibrational energy from our four lower bodies and turns on our DNA to reach its full potential, allowing you to heal our physical body. Your Merkaba will integrate the feminine and masculine aspects of our mind, body, and spirit. It will also enable you to experience expanded awareness and connects you with a higher consciousness. It restores our access and memory of the infinite possibilities as spiritual being. It is also an amazing vehicle to fast track your ascension process.

Workshop Dates

Level 1

January 6th or 8th (1 – 3 pm)
January 19th (1 – 3 pm )
February 2nd or 3rd (1 – 3 pm)
February 12th (1 – 3 pm)
March 3rd, 5th, & 17th (1 – 3 pm)

Level 2

January 27th(1-3 pm) or 29th (10-12 pm)
February 16th (1 – 3 pm)
February 24th or 26th (1 – 3 pm)
March 24th & 26th (1 – 3 pm)

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Activate your innate gifts, skills and abilities.