A really positive attitude to money.

A very different book. Makes you think about a subject you go through life trying to understand but not knowing how to.

Amazon Customer

I love this book. It is better to order it with the cards. If you type in ‘abundance magic card and book pack’ you can purchase the whole pack at once. The cards are great little reminders and I have improved my abundance by 10 fold. Can’t wait to pull the next 3 cards next week and remove more money blocks!
Plus I loved the box and the way the pack arrives, it’s like opening a box of chocolates!

Amazon Customer

Wow, the system started to work straight away. It highlighted some of my really bad money habits. I am well on my way to earning more money. Result!

Alexis ThomsonMarketing director

I have been able to shift my vibration and feel much lighter and the money is flowing into my bank account. Thank you for creating such an easy to follow system. I love it!


Sarah BrownBusiness owner

My dream board always seemed so distant. By changing my goals and energising them I have started to make great progress. Thanx!

Anna WilsonCreative director