Ever wondered why your goals and dream board ‘stay goals’ and never materialise into ‘actual money’?

Money Mottos, one of your biggest money sabotages could be your:
These are mottos that your family lives by.
Every time the subject of money comes up, our parents
and guardians quote these mottos.
Sometimes they are useful mottos like the motto:
‘When it’s gone it gone’ This one will make you think
twice before spending lavishly.
However, sometimes they are not good for creating
positive money habits.
The reason they are so powerful and have such a
stronghold on us is because we are taught them from
a young age.
In our formative years, we are like little sponges soaking up all the information life has to offer and learning
everything we can about our environment and how to
survive and thrive. Therefore, whatever our parents and
guardians teach us, forms a crucial part of our identity and belief system. It creates the foundation for our
habits around this subject.
So for example, my mum always taught us:
‘Money comes in one hand and goes out the other.’
So every time she or I earn any money, we spend
the money quickly to ensure our family money motto is
adhered to.
We weren’t able to save any money and create a
stream of abundance and wealth… until… now…

STEP 1 - Family Money Mottos

    List all the family money mottos that your family ‘lives by’
    Example, Money doesn’t grow on trees

    Now list all the emotions that the family money mottos
    make you feel.
    Do they make you feel ashamed, embarrassed, resentful, angry, not worthy,
    Example: ‘Money comes in one hand and goes out the other’
    This makes me feel resentful. Why was I not taught to save money?
    I’m so frustrated that I have never been able to accumulate wealth.
    I wasted so much time and money over the years following the laws of this motto.

    STEP 3 - The KEY of forgiveness

    If we hold onto the emotions that come up for us around money,
    it will stifle us and slow us down. It will hold us back.
    Even if you know deep down you are meant to be wealthy and
    successful, if you are not prepared to forgive yourself and others
    you will not be able to attain your goals.
    …And even though you may not really want to forgive someone
    who wronged you, it is in your best interest to do so.

    Ask yourself: ‘Would you rather be right, or rich?’
    That person may have wronged you, however, it might not be
    your job to judge them, and punish them. It is your job to protect
    yourself and prevent it from happening again, but your biggest job
    in this situation is to forgive them and let it go.
    The universe, is a powerful, ‘all knowing’ entity. It has a fascinating
    way of punishing those who do others harm. It’s job is to look out
    for every one of us and take care of us.
    It is your job to be patient, hand the indignation over to the
    universe, remove yourself from your assailant’s path and 9 times
    out of ten you will be rewarded one day by receiving news of their
    punishment. And you don’t even have to lift a finger.
    Every time I release the old memory and emotions, the frustration I
    felt and forgive someone their wrong doing, I become wealthier.
    I have found the key to the universe’s gifts and I’m sharing it with
    you now… If I want the universe to give me more ‘stuff’ more
    money, wealth, abundance then all I have to do is turn the key.

    What do these KEYS OF FORGIVENESS look like?
    We can use different keys, depending on what works best for us as an individual.
    Try all of them and see which one works best for you. Or use a combination of all of
    them. Have some fun experimenting with the different options.
    I forgive you. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you. I have moved on.
    2. EFT (emotional freedom technique) or TAPPING
    EFT or tapping is a tried and trusted tool to help forgive people and situations.
    Look up EFT and follow the outline. Your mantra could be:
    Even though I believed the money motto, I love and forgive myself.
    OR Money finds me easily
    OR I deserve to be wealthy.
    I have also developed a METAPHYSICAL guided meditation to help you to move
    through your forgiveness journey faster.
    Login to our members area and work through the meditation online:
    TOP TIP:
    Don’t just take my word for it…
    Test and measure this idea to see if FORGIVENESS works for you.
    Write down the date that you forgive the person or yourself and put a new date in
    your diary about 3 or 4 weeks after this date.
    When you arrive at this new date in your diary, look back and notice if something
    significant has changed to your abundance stream. Look out for any positive
    progress. I am confident that you will notice a marked improvement.
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