Some of our reviews!…

“My session with Katherine was the first time I had worked with my Akashic records and it was truly amazing!!! Katherine has such a beautifully tender way in which she guides and explains what she is being given. I felt such a deep connection with her when she began with the opening statement, it felt me feel so safe and nurtured. The session was fascinating and Katherine took time to ensure that I had understood what was coming through and what I needed to do for aftercare. So very grateful for the session – thank you very much.”

Claire S

“I am so glad that I had the Akashic record reading session with you. It removed my irrational and crippling fear of checking my work mailbox – it is such a relief to know that angels know that I haven’t done anything wrong and that I am safe and protected.”
Thank you, Katherine !!
Noriko U

“Thank you for an amazing reading. Over the last few weeks, as things have transpired I can say that you were SPOT ON with the reference to our property and how to dissolve the red tape.
I will be in touch in a month or two for a follow up reading.”

Linda J.

“Although I’m not spiritual by nature, I was curious to see how an Akashic record reading could apply to myself. I was delighted to hear from a most beloved family member. The reading was more than I expected and greatly appreciated.”

Sharon F

“I was so moved to discover I’m an earth mother. I had never thought about what my soul might ‘look like’ and of course this makes perfect sense.
It was wonderful to receive guidance on how to deal with a tricky family situation in the present and am so thrilled with the guided meditation to release the family contracts.”

Kathy S.