Become a magnet for abundance miracles.


It’s really important that you recognise when you are not in alignment with pure source energy or in simpler terms ‘when you are not being YOU!’

How to test to know whether you are in alignment or not…

  1. When you are in alignment your day goes well, you feel good and people around you are pleased to be with you. The traffic lights go green, someone holds the elevator for you, a client calls and asks if you are able to manage a huge project for them. Another client settles an outstanding bill because you called them with just the right tone in your voice to remind them to pay on time.
  2. When you are out of alignment, the converse applies and you feel unhappy, you meet unhappy people all day and it feels like nothing is going your way. You miss the elevator, a huge truck pulls in front of you on a single lane and drives slower than slow, so you arrive late and dishevelled for your meeting, only to discover that the meeting was cancelled because they’ve gone with another supplier.

Recognising that you are out of alignment is the first step. It can be difficult to STOP! …take a minute for yourself and evaluate where you are within your alignment axis.



‘woo woo’ / hippy or spiritual people (I’ve been called worse) bang on about the breath and breathing exercises because it really is the go-to tool to get you back in alignment. When you are focused on your breathing, you cannot help but focus inward. You are forced to reevaluate where you are and what you are doing. All too often we end up shallow breathing, it has a knock-on effect, imagine setting up streams of dominoes and imagine the effect of knocking one over… they all go over until you place an object in the path of that momentum and create a secondary outcome. That is exactly how being ‘out of alignment’ works, you start to spiral downwards at an ever-increasing speed.

Breathing correctly is the fastest way to get you back into alignment. Back on track and ensure you are well on your way to being a money or abundance magnet.

In the Abundance Magic book, we take a look at something I call the ‘Axis Practice’.

A set of breathing exercises with meditation style practices that help you to align with source energy and your higher self. Your higher self is the part of you that knows everything about who you are and where you need to be and what you need to do to be happy, healthy, wealthy and live your best life. Doesn’t it sound lovely? The idea that you can live your best life with a few quick exercises every day to keep you on track?

This world is filled with amazing gifts and if we just take a moment each day to appreciate them and align with our true nature, then the world, as they say, is ours for the taking!