Akashic Records Reading (audio recorded)


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After the reading, you will receive a sound recording of the reading, yours to keep.

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The Akashic records are referred to as the book of life. They contain a record of each soul’s, past, present and possible futures.

The reading will help you to peel back the limiting beliefs you have about yourself so you can know yourself with a soul-level awareness. When you are at your soul’s core, you are your most powerful—that’s your guiding light, showing you where to go and how to lead your own life.

Having a reading with someone who accesses the records in a formal way will help confirm or negate ideas or concepts that you are wondering about.

The session lasts one hour, it starts with opening remarks from the record keepers and guides of that person.

The record keepers give Katherine a mini-biography about the person’ soul, ie: who they are at a soul level. Where their soul is and where they are on their soul journey. They may also show Katherine a vision of the person’s soul in living colour which she will then describe to the person.

They may also come up with concepts or worries that the client is currently experiencing. At the end of the opening remarks, they will ask the client if they have any specific questions.

Have a pen and paper handy to write down any questions you may have during the opening remarks.


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